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Groundwater Sampling

We have extensive sampling experience on some the most complex and highly scrutinized sites in California.  Out experience includes complicated site specific protocol as well as standardized EPA approved sampling procedures.

Here are just some of the well and groundwater services we provide:

- Standard 3 case volume purge to stabilization 

- EPA low flow

- PDB sampling

- Hydrasleeve sampling

- Snap sampling device

- Surface water sampling

- discrete depth sampling

- Barcad system sampling

- Remediation system sampling

- Any client directed protocol for sampling using a modified method 


Well Development

Using our Positive Air Displacement  (PAD) development system we can develop new wells or re-develop wells at a fraction to the price of most drilling companies.

We use multiple PAD systems capable of gently moving large volumes of silt and sediment from the well bottom.  All air used to displace water and sediment is contained within the pump so there is no danger of injection air into the screen.  We also have the capability to develop wells with electric submersible pumps and/or stainless steel slurry bailers.


Well head Repair

Unsecured well box lids and degraded concrete aprons can create risky health and safety situations for field employees and the general public.  Additionally, preventative maintenance can reduce the risk of costly emergency repairs.

Confluence Environmental combines extensive construction and groundwater sampling experience so repairs are made while paying special attention to the sensitive nature of monitoring wells.  We have experience managing maintenance programs for small and large portfolios for regional consulting firms and leading international oil companies.  Our proactive approach to repairs is proven to keep sites safe and within strict compliance requirements.


Soil Vapor Installation and Sampling

Soil vapor sample point installation.  Confluence can install both temporary and permanent sample points.

Soil Vapor sample collection.  Our technicians are experienced collecting soil vapor samples per client specification.


Well Video Inspection

Our down hole video unit can be deployed up to 1000 feet.  It transmits a beautiful color picture with the deployment depth displayed on the viewing monitor.  All footage is digitally recorded and can be delivered via DVD or thumb drive, or uploaded to a viewing server.  Video inspections are great for:

- Bore hole inspection

- Well inspection

- Well construction confirmation

- Obstruction observation

- Screen inspection


Soil Sampling

Let us do all of the heavy lifting at your next soil sampling Job. We have all of the equipment and technology to make soil sampling as easy as it can be.


Concrete Coring/Repair and Asphalt Repair 

​We provide concrete coring, cutting and repair services with  minimal disruption to your job site and operations. 

We are also fully equipped with a Hot Asphalt Trailer to quickly and safely handle asphalt repair. 

Well Abandonment

​From pressure grouting to over drilling we provide customized services to meet your specific site and agency requirements. 

Remediation System Install  and Demo

​Contact us with your specific site requirements and we will create a specialized plan to meet your needs.

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